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Ambal Professional Group of institutions students Hostel is an integral part of the college campus. It has two distinct sections for boys and girls students. The gents’ hostel comprises of three Floors with total of 100 rooms with a capacity to accommodate 400 students. The Ladies hostel has a total of 50 rooms in its three floors with a capacity to accommodate 200 students. All common areas like dining, washrooms, lobby, terrace, etc. are provided separately for men and women’s hostels. Each room contains wooden cot & individual lockers for each student.

hostel hostel hostel

Dining Halls

  1. No. of dining halls for boys – 1
  2. No. of dining halls for girls – 1

Seating Capacity

  1. Boys dining – 200
  2. Girls dining – 100
  3. Staff dining Capacity – 50

Time Slot

Week DaysTimings
Breakfast8.00 AM to 8.45 AM
Lunch12.40PM to 1.30 PM
Tea Time5.15 PM to 6.00 PM
Dinner8.00 PM to 9.00 PM


Menu is decided by the mess committee & students forum by once in a month. Any discrepancies in the menu will be sorted out during the time of discussion.

Mineral Water.

Purified water from Reverse Osmosis [RO] plant is utilized for cooking and drinking. Hot water is also provided for cooking and drinking purposes.


Cleanliness, ease of working and time saving are the crucial factors that have gone into the design of kitchen at Ambal Professional Group of Institutions Hostel. LPG powers the kitchen. All vessels, both cooking and serving, are of quality stainless steel. Mechanization with State of the art devices in the kitchen: wet grinders, dough makers, vegetable cutters, cold storage, dishwashers, etc.


All items are prepared hygienically with extra care in centralized kitchen only. Quality of food is checked at every stage of preparation by Mess Manager, the volume of cooked rice increases with no draining of rice water and the nutrients.


Every month mess committee meeting is held with students, residential tutors, wardens, Mess Manager and the Management. Daily mess information report is submitted to higher authorities.

House Keeping

Daily House Keeping information report is submitted to higher authorities.

Hostel Maintenance

A separate maintenance team is working to solve the issues immediately. The report is prepared in daily, weekly & monthly check list.

Boys Hostel

Name of the In-charges:

Mr.Muthukumar.K Chief Warden
Mr.Mohanraj SDeputy Warden
Mr.Arulsankar MDeputy Warden
Mr.Ragul.K.RDeputy Warden
Mr.Lokesh .LDeputy Warden
Mr.Rajkumar.GDeputy Warden

Girls Hostel

Name of the In-charges:

Mr.V.UvarajaChief Warden
Ms.S.R.KaviprinyankaDeputy Warden
Ms.R.MehaladeviDeputy Warden
Ms.A.ArunaDeputy Warden