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Department of ITES

In our institution nearly 600 systems are present in various labs, it is must to maintain and verify the traceability of each computer in the campus for the ease of maintenance. A team of 3 people who periodically verify physical condition of each computer. which ensures the whole system is runs smoothly and swiffly.

Maintenance of

  1. Intel based Computers
  2. All kinds of printers (Dot Matrix, Inkjet)
  3. All Types of Monitors (Mono, Color etc.)
  4. Software Installation
  5. Board Level Servicing
  6. Preventive Maintenance
  7. Anti Virus Measures
  8. LCD projector.
  9. The Network Maintenance Cell was launched in the year 2010 with the Exclusive objective of construct and preserve the network in Ambal Professional Group of Institutions.