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Ragging is an offence and the accused is liable to be arrested & imprisoned in addition to being dismissed from the college.

Ragging is certainly not a necessary stepping stone to friendship. Friendship can only be made and maintained without ragging. It is for the youth themselves to find some saner means of expressing friendship with their juniors. Respect forced out by ragging cannot be genuine. It is only a respect shown under duress, semblance of respect tinged with fear of more ill treatment.

Subjecting a junior to shame by ragging certainly cannot make him respect his senior. It will only kindle fear and a silent despise for him at heart. Let this simple fact be known by all younger generation and protagonists of the customs.

The best solution is that youth should themselves banish from their mind, the barbaric idea of ragging anyone or subjecting him to any torture or shame in its name.

Government order on Ragging

The government of Tamil Nadu has banned ragging in Educational Institutions by passing Government Order. "Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Ragging Act 1997".

Vide its order No. 7 of 1997 dated 26.07.1999, indulging in ragging will be punished as follows:

  • Imprisonment up to a term of two years
  • A fine up to Rs.10,000/-
  • Student convicted for ragging will be dismissed from the institution and shall not be admitted to any other Educational Institution in India.