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General Rules and Regulations

Students should adhere to the following rules strictly:

  • Be punctual to the classes.
  • Stand up and wish when the faculty enter into the classroom and remain standing till you are asked to sit.
  • While you want to leave the class room during the lecture, proper prior permission must be obtained.
  • Do not make any noise while moving from classroom to classroom / lab.
  • Be polite to elders and courteous to all.
  • Do not throw paper or ink on the floor / corridors / staircases. Put all waste materials in the dust bins provided in various places.
  • Do not write anything on the walls or desks or on any college property.
  • No meeting of any cause shall be held without prior written permission from the Director.
  • The Students shall not collect money for any purpose without the permission from the Director.
  • No notice of any kind shall be circulated by students or pasted anywhere in the College Campus without prior permission from the Director.
  • No student shall take any Political activity inside the campus.
  • Students are themselves responsible for their personal belongings (Calculator, Cell Phones etc.). For loss of their property the college is not responsible.
  • Students should themselves develop habit to read the notice/circulars and other information displayed on the Notice Board and take appropriate action as directed thereof.
  • Any property found in the premises must be handed over to the office with relevant details.
  • Change of address is to be intimated to the office at the earliest.
  • Students should park their vehicles in the space meant for parking and wearing helmet is compulsory for two wheeler riders.
  • Students should desist from soiling the walls with their footwear marks or otherwise.
  • Always keep your environment clean.
  • Wear the Lanyard with Identity Card, as long as you are in the College campus.
  • Cell Phone

    • Cell Phone with camera facility is banned inside the college and Hall of Residence.
    • . Cell phones are to be switched off inside the academic buildings (class rooms, Laboratories and Library), if the students are found to use the cell phone in the Academic buildings, the Cell Phone would be confiscated.
    • Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any one violating the above rules.
  • Smoking as well as consuming any form of intoxicants is strictly prohibited in the college and in the Hall of Residence.
  • Students must not conduct themselves so as to bring discredit to the College.
  • Self-discipline is expected from student at all common places like class rooms, Library, playground, canteen, Hall of common functions etc., Failing to abide will attract disciplinary action.
  • Wear clean and decent dresses. T-shirts, Jeans and baggy pants of any form are not permitted. Shirts with captions / psychedelic colours are not permitted.
Dress Code

Every student of this college shall follow the following dress code:

  • Boys should wear full or half sleeve shirt tucked in and with shoes.
  • Whenever formal days are declared every male student is expected to wear a tie with shirt tucked - and come with shoes.
  • Student shall not wear "T" shirts / banians / Jeans / Sleeveless shirts or shorts for classes. Shorts will be allowed only in the sports fields.
  • Girls are expected to wear salwar suit with duppatta or saree, short tops or kurthas and leggings are not allowed.
Dress Regulations During Practicals

  • BOYS: Pant with Shirts tucked in with Closed foot-wear. The Colour for pant and shirt shall be as prescribed for the batch.
  • GIRLS: Overcoat is to be worn over the regular dress along with the closed footwear. The Color of the overcoat shall be prescribed for the batch.
  • Loose garments of any sort and chappals shall not be worn in the practical classes or during field work.

  • Students should not absent themselves from classes without proper leave application from Parents /Guardians.
  • Application for leave on prescribed format, approved by the respective class advisor should be submitted to the concerned HOD.
  • Permission to leave from the College premises during working hours could be granted by the Dean only.
  • Medical Certificate should be produced if the leave period exceeds 3 continuous days.
  • Students should produce evidence for the unpredictable cause if it is not sick leave.
  • Students who are all doing their project work outside the campus should submit their attendance certificate from the company for the period that they have attended.
  • Students should get prior permission to bring their own hardware / materials inside the college campus for doing project or other work and also should get the gate pass to take back their material.